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Random Tips on Commentary

Added 8/1/2008

Use the following instructions, provided by zvi_likes_tv:
Font tag is deprecated! More correct is <span style="color:BLUE; background-color:YELLOW;"> Your comment </span>. Using the colors you like, of course.

But it is REALLY IMPORTANT that people specify a background color, in case people read their entries in ?style=mine, and they have an unexpected background color. Like black.

EDITED to make code visible.

Also <B> is deprecated! Preferred is <strong>.

Any questions or problems, post here, and we'll do our best to answer.


A couple of people have asked how to differentiation their text from the original when posting. This is the short version.

Note: do differnetiate your text. Bold or color preferred; italics may mix up with the text.

You did it in your program. It's pretty! You have colors/bold/sparklies. Okay, sparklies I cannot do. Color and bold I can.

Livejournal uses all standard html tags. So it's going to look something like this.

1.) Author writes blah blah blah.

2.) You comment!

For your commentary, place the < B > tag (remove the spaces). At the end, use < /B > to close your bolded text.

Same for colors. Before and after your text, place < FONT COLOR="008B8B" >. After your comment is done, close with < /FONT >. A list of hex color codes is here.

So it will look something like this.

Author talks about pretty things blah blah blah.

< B >You comment!< /B >


Author talks about more pretty things blah blah blah.

< FONT COLOR="008B8B" >You talk more about how you like it!< /FONT >

I cannot emphasize enough to remove the spaces between the < and FONT and < and B. That's just because lj autoformats to html.

Questions, comments, etc? Right here.
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