September 13th, 2007

miriya can kick your ass

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So! Cheerleading post!

okay, i'm really not much of a cheerleader. sorry. you're just going to have to believe that i'm excited, and i'm going to have to hope that it's somehow infectious.

but i have some numbers, and possibly that will be helpful.

today is september 13. the deadline is october 1 (midnight cst). that's eighteen days! (depending on how you count them.) that isn't just enough time to finish the stories you've claimed, it's enough time to claim another if you've already done one. it's enough time to claim a story if you never claimed any at all! (all of the necessary links are here.) there's no deadline to sign up - hell, if you want to claim a story at 11:55 october 1, and manage to turn it in by midnight? that's fine. (probably it should be a short fic, though.)

no one has claimed a story since 9/4. i'm kind of sad about that, as i like getting claims in my inbox. but that's my issue.

more numbers, to make me feel better:

20 of the 75 claimed stories have already been posted! i did the math on that one, and it = good.

stories in 22 fandoms (depending how you count them) have been claimed - and stories in 9 fandoms (again, depending how you count them) have been posted. (this kind of makes me sad for the fandoms that aren't yet represented by posted commentaries. but i'm supposed to be cheerleading. sorry.) some fandoms are complete! with all claimed stories posted! go x-files! go star wars! so technically they each only had one claim, whatever, totally beside the point.

i feel like i'm not being very inspirational, here. sorry. this is very very very fun. don't feel intimidated! sometimes all you can do is sort of point at a paragraph and say there. that. that, oh, perfect THAT!. you'll find you're accidentally saying meatier things, too. feel free to textually jump up and down, or weep, or flail. if you love a story so much you want to marry it, well...that's probably not legal, no matter where you live, sorry. but this is the next best thing. take it out for a spin. show it a good time. let it show you a good time. bring it back all mussed and covered in hickeys. just try to be home by curfew.