October 1st, 2007


Pods by Mice1900, commentary by inkscribe

Title: Pods
Author: mice1900
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Commentator: inkscribe

Commentator Notes: The original story includes warnings for slash, angst, h/c, graphic horror, rated R. If this is not your bracing cup of Athosian tea, give it a miss. (However, wow ... if you like h/c and scary stuff, then click over right now! Emotional fantasticness ahead! Woo hoo!)

All comments are in bold. Because of the length of this piece, I have broken it into two sections, each backlinked for ease of navigation.

Enjoy! :-)

Part 1 | Part 2

'Wireless' by aesc: commentary by sheafrotherdon

Title: Wireless
By: HF
Email: aesc36 @gmail.com
Pairing: McShep
Rating/Warnings: NC17; sex, angst
Disclaimers: Not mine. Sci-Fi's.
Advertisements: For wordclaim50 challenge #30, "Missing Scene" (my word is 'find'). Set during 3.10, just after the OTP (One True Phonecall).

Notes: Long-overdue request fic for lilithilien, who wanted McShep!phone sex. Coincidentally, I think this is the first bit of phone sex I've ever written. *twitch*

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Sarah Blake Does LJ

The 1,300 Days by stele3, commentary by extraonions

Title: The 1,300 Days
Author: stele3 (at Insane Journal)
Fandom: Supernatural
Commentator: extraonions

Summary: Pre-series. Sam was at college for almost 4 years... 1300 days, to be exact. This is what happened to Dean during that time.

Other Info/ Warnings: GEN (includes both het/slash sex, but that isn't the story's focus). PG-13 to R for violence, sex, language, and drug use. Mentions of suicidal behavior.

stele3 very graciously allowed me to write DVD Commentary on this story, and I am so grateful, because it allowed me to give serious feedback on what is easily one of my favorite stories for Supernatural, ever.  I resisted reading this story for a long time-- if that's you, stop resisting and read it now!  The link below takes you to my journal, and each subsequent post in linked from there.  The story is approximately 70,000 words, with my added comments, that's a lot of LJ entries (in fact, I am still posting the parts and it's kind of a nightmare linking them all up, so if you hit a roadblock, check back later...).  This post may later be edited to link to a webpage version, according to the author's preference.  :)

(DVD Commentary on stele3's The 1,300 Days, by

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sg-1 daniel yum - by eyeslikesilk

Sonic Boom by icarusancalion, commentary by lyraeinne and aizjanika

Title Sonic Boom

Author Icarus icarusancalion

Fandom Stargate SG-1

Pairing: Jack/Daniel

Commentators withpins and aizjanika

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A: And that's the end of this story. Thanks for reading. Thanks also to icarusancalion for writing such a memorable story and for allowing us to do the commentary on two of her stories.

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What the Heart Remembers by Killa, Commentary by watergal 1/2

Title: What the Heart Remembers
[This speaks to me of the title of one of my favorite books, What the Body Remembers by Shauna Singh Baldwin. It has a theme that is similar in some ways, and I've been meaning to ask Killa if the allusion is intentional.]
Killa   (killabeez)
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Commentator: watergal

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