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Claimed stories list - updated 9/20/07

Claimed stories are listed here. Split by fandom, then in alphabetical order by title. Make your fic claim on this post, and I'll add it to the list. Happy commenting!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Bogle Scat by witling - called by general_jinjur [done]

DC Universe

Cage Match by glossing - called by katarik

Doctor Who

Beating Time by jadesfire - called by unfeathered [done]

Change by becky_h - called by unfeathered [done]

Threads by violetisblue - called by general_jinjur [done]


The Money-Changer's Tale by cofax7 - called by fbf


A Million Light Years From Home by musesfool - called by lls_mutant

Gordon Korman - Bruno and Boots

On The Road by rageprufrock - called by 2naonh3_cl2

Gordon Korman - I Want To Go Home

A Very Long Summer by calathea - called by 2naonh3_cl2


The Parting Glass by katallison - called by keerawa


The King of New Orleans by traveller - called by kiltsandlollies

Queer As Folk (US)

Invincible Arc by mclachlan - called by cold_poet [done]


Bearing Gifts by bittermint - called by teot

Far From Normal by bittermint - called by danceswithgary [done]

Just a Matter of Time by danceswithgary - called by bittermint [done]

Shall Not Fade by hils - called by danceswithgary [done]

Trust by teot - called by bittermint

Welcome to the Funhouse by roxymissrose - called by danceswithgary [done]

Without You by danceswithgary - called by hils [done]

Sports Night

Last-Minute Trade by nestra and shrift - called by snarkist

Two-Player Game by thisisbone - called by fullygoldy [done]

Star Trek - Original Series

What the Heart Remembers by killabeez - called by watergal [done]

Star Wars

Some Things Are Certain by cupiscent - called by bedlamsbard [done]

Stargate: Atlantis

A Beautiful Lifetime Event by astolat - called by infinimato

Bell Curve, or, Ladies' Night at the Boom Boom Room by rageprufrock - called by inkscribe [done]

The Care and Feeding of a CO by miss_porcupine - called by oriolegirl [done]

Care in the Holding by laceymcbain - called by girlnamedpixley [done]

City on the Edge of Forever (the pilot) by synecdochic - called by druidspell [done]

Hindsight by rageprufrock - called by summertea [done]

Hunting Parties by ltlj - called by blackpapertiger [done]

I Am Your Image Dressed as the World by mirabile_dictu - called by thingswithwings [done]

Kid A by cesperanza - called by erda_3 [done]

Life (Sometimes It Washes Over Me) by kyuuketsukirui - called by telesilla [done]

A Little Off to the Side by sheafrotherdon - called by blackpapertiger [done]

Lovesick: Unable to Act Normally by runpunkrun - called by paceus [done]

Major/Minor by ladycat777 - called by telesilla [done]

The Mind/Body Problem by runpunkrun and iamsab - called by snarkist

Not Built in a Day by siriaeve - called by summertea

Old Familiar Sting by ladycat777 - called by ismenetruth

Pict Nae Scott by inkscribe - called by ankhmutes

Pods by mice1900 - called by inkscribe [done]

Praxis by miss_porcupine - called by siegeofangels [done]

A Slightly Different Quality of Light by rageprufrock - called by druidspell

String Theory by toft_froggy - called by whetherwoman [done]

Things To Do in Denver When You're Dead by cesperanza - called by girlnamedpixley [done]

Two Untitled Ficlets by toft_froggy - called by paceus [done]

Vegas by ltlj - called by jackycomelately [done]

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Crisis by siegeofangels - called by shusu [done]

Wireless by aesc - called by sheafrotherdon [done]

Your Reward Is Neither Here Nor There by inkscribe and pushkin666 - called by kaziwren

Stargate: Atlantis/Stargate: SG1

Monsoon by loneraven - called by mirabile_dictu [done]

Stargate: Atlantis/Torchwood

Holiday Humour by janne_d - called by infinimato

Stargate: SG1

Fools Can Dream by icarusancalion - called by aizjanika and withpins [done]

Hold the Darkness and Stay the Night by paian - called by avidrosette [done]

Slavery on a Civilized Planet by brainofck - called by melayneseahawk

Sonic Boom by icarusancalion - called by aizjanika and withpins [done]


The 1300 Days by stele3 - called by extraonions [done]

And the Devil Makes Three by killabeez - called by dontyouwaitup

Annus Mirabilus by ellipsisblack - called by restless_jedi

Another Soldier on a Road to Nowhere by ellipsisblack - called by ladyvyola [done]

Battering Ram by astolat - called by ladyvyola [done]

Closing the Stable Door by kroki_refur - called by girlfan1979 [done]

Conversational Winchester for Trolls by eloise_bright - called by longhairedlady [done]

The Edge of the Known World by ignipes - called by shotofjack [done]

Hemingway Never Slept Here by maygra_fic - called by riverbella [done]

The Killing Moon by poisontaster - called by emella [done]

Knights in Shining Armour by unhobbityhobbit - called by girlfan1979 [done]

The Miner's Lamp by hansbekhart - called by ellipsisblack [done]

Moderation Itself by sevenfists - called by annalazarus

The Night Country by destina - called by mandysbitch

The Outsider by longhairedlady - called by girlfan1979 [done]

Parts of Speech by mona1347 - called by emella [done]

Sorrow Floats by buffyaddict13 - called by girlfan1979 [done]

There Is a Destiny That Makes Us Brothers, Part One by girlfan1979 - called by longhairedlady

This Dungeon Still I See by ellipsisblack - called by restless_jedi [done]

Unasked by astolat - called by mecurtin

Waves by teithiwr - called by girlfan1979 [done]


Lost and Found by kaneko - called by janne_d [done]

Torchwood/Doctor Who

Shiny Prize by lightgetsin - called by janne_d [done]


Ash by cofax7 - called by wendelah1 [done]

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